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About Us

The team at Wooden Nickel Geocoins have been active in the geocaching community since its infancy. When we started it was common to travel an entire day and walk miles from the parking spot to find one or two caches. Paging through a log book in those early days you could recognize each cacher by name. Many of us were friends or at least knew each other.

From those days we have seen geocaching progress to a point where driving a mile out of town could net us up to over 25 finds and the names in those same log books have grown exponentially. One of our favorite aspects of this new geocaching generation is the familiar names being replaced by amazing works of art in the form of designs and logos on geocoins, pathtags, etc.

A problem that we have seen with this is the cost and numbers required to get started showing off your design. With this cost also comes the fear of letting your new coin go knowing that you may never see it again. It was these factors that started our search for something better. Our solution is the Wooden Nickel Geocoin.

For a low price and no minimum order you can purchase a trackable geocoin with our design or have one created for you. Have a look at our ever growing Gallery and Design pages to help you get started.

Thank you for your interest in Wooden Nickel Geocoins. Happy Caching!